Jing News, Taiwan, Twice Reported Our Work

- December 10, 1999 -

Earthquake clouds are getting more and more popular. Recently, Taiwan Journalist Steve Li , working for Jing News, twice reported our work.

The first article is titled by"To Predict Earthquakes, Please Look For Earthquake Clouds", anda subtitle "The predictor has been predicting earthquakes by earthquake clouds for nine years. His predictions have been claimed accurate, but have not widely been accepted by the scientific society", published on November 4, 1999 .

The second article is titled by"Using Earthquake Clouds To Predict Earthquakes, Zhonghao Shou Is Truly Impressive", and a subtitle "Using very simple tools and producing very accurate predictions, This Chinese earthquake researcher says that his prediction work has been motivated by a sense of responsibility",published on November 16, 1999 .

We will translate the articles into English in the future.

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