Using the earthquake vapour theory to explain the French airbus crash,

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- Renew March 15, 2010 -


The Remote Sensing Letters, international journal of UK, published “Using the earthquake vapour theory to explain the French airbus crash” of Zhonghao Shou, Jianjun Xia and Wenying Shou online (Volume 1 Issue 2, 85-94) on 11 Feb. 2010 (1) and will print it in June. This article uses satellite images, earthquake data and temperature data to explain the cause of the crash from earthquake vapor. This is new application of the earthquake vapor theory besides exact earthquake predictions, e.g. the Bam prediction etc, described by (2).

After submitting the manuscript on 23 Jul. 2009, Zhonghao Shou analyzed many unexplainable air crashes and a boat sink, such as the Yemen crash (Airbus A310-324) on 30 Jun. 2009 (152 victims), the Iran (Tupolev 154M) on 15 Jul. 2009 (168), the Ethiopia (Boeing 737-8AS(WL)) on 25 Jan. 2010 (90), the Brazil (Airbus A320-233) on 17 Jul. 2007 (12 while landing), the Indonesia (Boeing 737-4Q8) on 1 Jan. 2007 (102), the Armenia (Airbus A320-211) on 3 May 2006 (113 near Sochi), the Russia (Airbus A310-324) on 9 Jul. 2006 (125 near Irkutsk), the Afghanistan (Boeing 737-242) on 3 Feb. 2005 (104 near Kabul), the Air France (Airbus A340-313X) on 2 Aug. 2005 (landing at Toronto), the Dolphin Boat sink on 27 Jan. 2010 (33 near Dobo, Indonesia) etc and found their causes as the same as that of the Air France crash. Therefore this article proposes a prospect to avoid similar crashes.

We would like to acknowledge Prof. Giles Foody, editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Remote Sensing and the Remote Sensing Letters, for his great encouragement.

We would like to show an animation of those clouds that destroyed the airbus (3). If you are interested in details, the paper is free to download (1).



  1. Remote Sensing Letters.
  2. Darrell Harrington & Zhonghao Shou. Bam Earthquake Prediction & Space Technology Seminars of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications 16 39-63 (2005).
  3. Animation of the earthquake clouds causing the Air France crash


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