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- March 16, 2007 -


Both PSIgate (Physical Sciences Information Gateway) and GEsource (the geography and environment hub of the Resource Discovery Network) of the University of Manchester, UK noticed our work in 2005. They both have become part of Intute: science, engineering & technology at the University of Manchester and Heriot-Watt University since July 2006 [1].   

Intute is a huge free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research. All material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists to create the Intute database. With millions of resources available on the Internet, it is difficult to find relevant and appropriate material even if you have good search skills and use advanced search engines. Issues of trust, quality, and search skills are very real and significant concerns - particularly in a learning context. Academics, teachers, students and researchers are faced with a complex environment, with different routes into numerous different resources, different user interfaces, search mechanisms and authentication processes. The Intute database makes it possible to discover the best and most relevant resources in one easily accessible place. You can explore and discover trusted information, assured that it has been evaluated by specialists for its quality and relevance.

Like in the Iran Daily, the UN Programme on Space Applications, the Jing News, the Times of India News Service, the New Concepts in Global Tectonics, the Dominican Republic News & Travel Service, the Hangzhou Daily, the Qian Jiang Evening News, the Cultural Dialogue and so on [2], our work is lucky at the first place of Earthquake Prediction page in the Intute database [3]. I thank it very much, and would like to introduce it to our readers, and make links from "In the News", "Friendly Links" and "Search" of our Links, and "Web Reports" of Publication & News to it as reward. "Search" by Intute: science, engineering & technology, you will get short cut to your goal.    




  1. Intute: science, engineering & technology at the University of Manchester and Heriot-Watt University, UK.
  2. Earthquake Clouds and Short Term Prediction  full record by Intute


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