Bam Earthquake Prediction & Space Technology

- June 6, 2004 -

This paper was presented by our behalf Dr. A. A. Amoli in the United Nations/Islamic Republic of Iran Regional Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Environmental Security, Disaster Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development in Tehran, Iran on May 9, 2004, and widely acknowledged in the workshop.

A similar version was sent to China as my response for an interview of Chinese Scientist Chen, Advisor of the Committee of Natural Hazard Prediction, China Geophysics Society. He translated a part of my response into Chinese, together 18 pages, and presented it in the meeting of the Committee, attended by over 50 Chinese experts, in Nanchang, Jiangxi on May 12, 2004, and every expert was exciting. Chen wrote me a formal comment as his acknowledgement. He was too busy to translate my two sections of Introduction and Suggestions, but highly admired them and will translate them, and send them to the members of the Committee.

"Bam Earthquake Prediction & Space Technology" was written by my partner Dr. D. Harrington and me. It highly developed my theory, Earthquake Clouds, a reliable precursor in 1999 . The paper introduced history of earthquake clouds, gave strong evidence to support my theory that earthquake clouds come from the Earth with heat and pressure suddenly, a new precursor denoted as Geoeruption, a table of my predictions, reported to the US Geological Survey, and statistic evidence, analysis of errors to show why those errors had happened, and suggestions to overcome those technical problems. The paper also offered the sources I used for the paper.

The following version is temporal just for the request of many Iranian people, and will be replaced when the UN publishes it.

  • Bam Earthquake Prediction & Space Technology

  • References

    1. Bam Earthquake Prediction & Space Technology
    2. Chen's comment
    3. Bam Cloud in the globe
    4. animation of the Bam cloud

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