"In Search of..." of KAOS TV Report

- December 29, 2002 -

The team of < In Search of ... > interviewed us just after the 6.8 Seattle earthquake on February 28, 2001. They investigated the evidence [1] we had used to predict the Seattle earthquake, and found that the geoeruption was very close to Seattle. They also investigated the time we predicted the earthquake to the Public, and found that was at 9:14 p.m. on February 27, 2001 in the automatic time recorder of the Internet, and the email message [2] of Mr. David Loh about the prediction from Canada at 21:57:25, February 27, 2001. They investigated the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) about our predictions as well.

In 7:30~8:00 p.m. December 22, 2002 "In Search of ..." reported our successful Seattle earthquake prediction. A series of satellite images revealed a big change of the local heat from a little to enormous near Seattle and two days before the earthquake. Except our theory [3], nothing can explain this phenomenon, and the relationship between this phenomenon and the earthquake.

The TV program also revealed how we observe earthquake clouds in the sky, and reported earthquakes to the USGS. Although there was a mistake about the accuracy of my predictions, which was not 30%, but 66%then, we thank < In Search of ... > very much for propagating our work, and mailing us a tape anyway.

The TV program also reported two other predictors: Dr. Jim Berkland by foreshock and Kathy Gori by headache.


  1. Image 20010226 18:30 Canada & Washington Geoeruption, showed at 9:14 p.m. on Feb. 27, 2001
  2. My Seattle Earthquake Prediction Is Successful
  3. Article: Earthquake Clouds, a reliable precursor, Science & Utopya 64, 53~57 (1999)

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