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- 05/02/2001 -

On April 28, 2001 I received many email messages from India, one from New Zealand, and one from Australia to tell me that the Times of India News Service , a leading newspaper in India , published an article < A temblor from ancient Indian treasure trove? > linking to my study, and to express their exciting feeling. I thank The Times of India News Service, thank the author Abhay Vaidya , and thank all informing people very much, and would like to share this excellent article with our readers from all over the world.

First, the article reveals that ancient Indian people have abounding knowledge not only for many diseases, but also for earthquake prediction. My model was described even in detail in Chapter 32 of < Brihat Samhita.>, the manuscript of Varahamihira (505-587 AD), a famous Indian philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. The article mentions, "The 32nd chapter of the manuscript is devoted to signs of earthquakes and correlates earthquakes with cosmic and planetary influences, underground water and undersea activities, unusual cloud formations, and the abnormal behavior of animals."

The article reports, "S N Bhavsar, a Vedic scholar associated with the PhysicsDepartment at the Pune University, is drawing the scientific community's attention to the elaborate references to unusual "earthquake clouds" as precursor to earthquakes."

It also reports, " ' I find it rather odd that the description of earthquake clouds in Brihat Samhita matches the observations made by Zhonghao Shou at the Earthquake Prediction Center in Pasadena, California," said B D Kulkarni, the head of the National Chemical Laboratory's Chemical Engineering Division."

The article introduces my theory, my work, and our homepage to Indian people, and informs, "These observations are available in the English translation of the two-volume Brihat Samhita with the original Sanskrit texts, exhaustive notes and literary comments by M Ramakrishna Bhat. The book has been published by the Delhi-based Motilal Banarsidass Publishers."

More details can be found by clicking the flowing site:

The fact that the both Indian scholars S N Bhavsar and B D Kulkarni believe in earthquake clouds theory makes me remember a strong argument between my wife and me in1994. After the Northridge earthquake, I decided to change my initial plan not to go back China, but to devote my reminding life to earthquake prediction because I predicted it, and felt my duty. However, my wife insisted on my back, and asked me if I was sure to be successful. I told her that I did not except my success completely, but believed in that my theory would rule in the world 300 years later after my death.

This fact and many other news, for example, the Chinese Central TV Station, the chief TV station in China, interviewed both my wife and my young daughter in Beijing, and me by phone, and reported a sad, touching feeling story of my family to all Chinese people in 2000, make me more believe in that no one can lock truths. Although pessimists insist on their unpredictable opinion and arrogant optimists ignore my theory, it may thrive in the world before my death. All in all, earthquakes teaches people, while people will win them finally, which is an objective tendency that no one can turn it over.

Finally, I would like to thank the Times of India News Service, thank Mr. Abhay Vaidya, and thank zealous informing people, and all our readers. (A part of email messages are exhibited in the references, and so are many others in Our Guestbook.)

Evidences and References

  1. Sat, 28 Apr 2001 10:22:15 GMT Hi Mr. Shou, Dr. Anil Salunkhe is astonished by the Times of India and suggested that you visit the following URL: is the message....You may find its interesting. The Times of India has a great day.
  2. Sun, 29 Apr 2001 01:51:15 GMT Hi Zhonghao Shou,Arvind B. Kulkarni is astonished by the Times of India and suggested that you visit the following URL: is the message....Dear Mr. Shou,This article was published in the leading newspaper of India today. I hope you will find it interesting.Thank you and wish you all the best in your future research work. Yours sincerelyArvind Kulkarn in Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Sat, 28 Apr 2001 18:00:00 +1000Hi thereMy name is Luvraj Singh Sambyal...I am doing a degree in it and business from Melbourne, Australia.I have been looking at your website for the past 5 hours.... I have only one thing to say...most fascinating!!!!!...remarkable!!!!Sad because it very very definitely deserves much much more recognition and support.In the Times of India daily 28/April/2001.... They have compared your work to the studies of an ancient Indian scholar from about 1500 years back...I believe the world is a fool if they are disregarding a study that to me is such vitally important.I deeply appreciate and admire your efforts and will keep following your work very regularly.If you don't mind me asking, old are you sir?Please do not let this ancient study diminish or get lost...I swear if it is true that we need very much it but sadly don't realize it.typical of the human race isn't it?Regards,Luvraj Singh Sambyal
  4. Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:59:17 -0700 (PDT) Shou, There is an article in the Times of India about your research and how it seems to be similar to a science discussed in an ancient India Text. You may have already received this link above to the article, sorry if it's too much of a bother. Thought you might be interested.Sridhar
  5. Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:44:19 -0700 (PDT)To: Zhonghao Shou: zhonghao_shou@yahoo.comhi Mr. Zhonghao ShouI'm sure u'll find this article interesting since itmakes a mention of your work: theory of the philosopher, mathematician andastronomer Varahamihira, and that you have put acrossin your website, is truly interesting. I would like toknow if you have a list-server that I can subscribeto that will email me the predictions you make (I'mcurrently subscribing to USGS's email list-server).Thank and best wishesExcess Xx Ie

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