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a unique and excellent science and culture magazine in the world
- 10/24/2000 -

Science and Utopia is a science and culture magazine in Turkey, and unique in the world. The editors have foresight to figure out young truths and courage to aid them against old, useless doctrine. For example, there are a lot of magazines connecting to earthquakes in the world. They are completely depended on what the majority of seismologists think, so when someone introduced Shou's earthquake clouds theory and his successful predictions to them, they had no idea. By contrast, the editors of Science and Utopia found Shou's theory from far away, and published it later [1]. They are independent and intelligent.

Science and Utopia has monthly been published for more than six years, in which it has reached 10,000 sales as an average per month and created its own readers.

Science and Utopia has devoted itself to a wide spectrum of scientific thought in the society, so it has struggled against dogma and superstition. It has tried to enlighten the public opinion in science and culture. It has published many interesting cover files, based on the purposes, such as the religion-science conflicts with the models of universe; how Homo created God; the theory of evolution with the latest evidence; the Sumerians as the writer of Koran; the false sciences throughout history; the Law of Mohammed; the slavery and concubinage in the Ottomans and Islam; astrology through the lens of science; after Genesis, another charlatan: UFO's; the Ottomans and tolerance; and bio-technology, the end of Religion?

Science and Utopia has another essential basic route: "Our contemporary capitalist-imperialist Western civilization has settled down over the world's sources and human labour, and undergone in a deep conflict between itself and mankind as well as nature, so it has happened to be an exploitative and corrupting system of a small minority. The science world and the scientific research have been influenced by the system and the scientific inventions of great importance are being used as means of destruction by it. Therefore, our enlightenment should aim a civilization model which would claim the concepts developed by the revolutionary West two centuries ago; but at the same time surpass it as a new one via getting driven away from the backward collapsed values of contemporary West. Science and Utopia has undertaken the task for improving the basis of this need theoretically, philosophically, scientifically and culturally. 'The communication revolution, or the media dictatorship', 'The medicine ethics is under operation', 'How much energy and what for', 'Are the genes modern idol', 'Metaphysics for the intellectual', 'The Euro-centered history ....', 'Science and education imperialism', 'Marx in 2000s ', 'Love in terms of sociology, psychology, philosophy, biology', 'The automobile totem'. 'The future for mathematics', 'Controlling expression' are some of the cover files, we have published, based on this route'.

According to its research, its readers' spectrum is: "40%, University students; 45%, having at least University degree; 15%, University academicians". Science and Utopia's readers are the ones who are well-educated, interested in cultural and scientific activities and mostly whose political ideas are based on the left-enlightenment.

All in all, Science and Utopia is a unique and excellent science and culture magazine in the world. Its independent and intelligent style is meaningful, valuable and respectable, which will make itself surpass others even though they may have long histories, and even call themselves the top.

Evidences and References

  1. Shou, Z.H. Earthquake Clouds a reliable precursor. Science & Utopia 64, 53~57 (1999)

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