Shou's Interest Relies On The Support Of Wenying [1]

- Jing News Reporter Steve Li on November 16, 1999-

Wenying Shou, Zhonghao Shou's oldest daughter, uses some of her scholarship to support her father's study of earthquake prediction, and becomes his right hand through out his many endeavors.

Shou, wholly devoted to earthquake prediction, has given up many opportunities to work, and sacrificed his resources and income by a circumstantial and accidental finding [2]. For the past six years, he has resorted to, and become quite dependent on his daughter and her scholarship.

Linyan Fang, Shou's wife, had a plan to find a new job for him to earn additional money after his retirement. Moreover, he also had a secured contract which served as an additional source of income [3]. Living in the U.S.A., he could not earn a living, but spent plenty of money for living accommodations. Thus, his wife strongly insisted on his return.

Finally, Wenying, a Ph. D. student at Caltech (California Institute Of Technology), persuaded her mother into overlooking Shou's ability to earn a living in China and return to his hometown. Wenying told her mother that she would like to share a part of her scholarship to help his study. It was also from Wenying's idea that Shou start to predict earthquakes with satellite images, and set up a homepage. She also paid all of the cost.

. Meanwhile in China, Shou's wife and youngest daughter have began helping Shou in his study. They have collected many important messages about earthquakes, one of which is the An Ji Bridge, famous for its strong and durable character against large earthquakes An Ji Bridge, famous for its strong and durable character against large earthquakes [4].


  1. This is the last part of the Report < Predicting Earthquakes By Earthquakes Clouds, Zhonghao Shou Is Truly Impressive >.
  2. Two events, the failure of the Parkfield Prediction by the USGS on Nov. 15, 1993 and the miss to report the 6.7 Northridge Earthquake on Jan. 17, 1994 to the USGS due to nobody in its office on Jan. 15, Saturday, made Shou feel his duty, and devote his life to earthquake prediction (See the essay on Jan. 8, 2000).
  3. Shou had a contract with a factory as a technical adviser for his sold patent. According to the contract, he could earn much money, but should go to the factory twice a year.
  4. See Article < Chinese People Struggle Against Earthquake Disaster > in Box Essay on Dec. 18, 1999.

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