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An Email Message from Dr. Abdelfattah Toukan, the Director of the Program

- April 21, 2002 -

From: "Dr.Abdelfattah Toukan"

To: "Zhonghao Shou"

Subject: Thank You for joining our program

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 22:30:54 +0200

Dear Mr. Shou,

Thank you for your e-mail and for participating in our program

The telephone connections were not so good and your voice was not clear, but I managed it with what you had sent to me to speak about your experiments.

Your voice was heard and the slides were on screen of the clouds. The two doctors who are earthquake professors at the university want to know more about the experiments you are doing.

Anyhow, now you are known by 2 million audiences in Jordan and 15 millions in world region, specially in the Middle East as this program "Global Trends" is one of the best, if not the top one, in science and futurity in the Middle East area.

I do hope one day we meet each other.

All the best and thanks for joining in

Dr. Abdelfattah Toukan

P.O.B.:141060 Amman, Jordan

About Dr. Abdelfattah Toukan

Dr. A. Toukan has earned his Master Degree in journalism from England, and Doctor Degree in media and communication from the USA with honor.

The topic of his dissertation was about The Role and Influence of Media on American Politics.

Unlike the majority of TV and radio editors, only interested in reporting earthquakes after they happened, he has wide interests and an incisive view to figure out all unusually works, and to propagate them. His contribution is very important to earthquake prediction.

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